Gene Stansbery, a resident of North Platte, Nebraska, is leveraging the power of drones to turn misfortune into hope for families with missing pets and people. Stansbery has turned his fear of heights into a passion for flight, specifically piloting drones, and has since been using this technology to help those in distress.

“I got the equipment, and I really enjoy doing this,” Stansbery shared. “It’s a passion of mine to help people.” His work is pivotal in quick-response situations, where every minute counts. The faster the response, the higher the probability of a successful search.

Drones Ignite New Hope For Finding Lost Loved Ones

A Pennsylvania family experienced this first-hand when Daisy Mae, their service dog, went missing following a car crash in Sutherland, Nebraska. With the dog lost for days, the local non-profit PAWS-itive Partners enlisted Stansbery’s help. Stansbery, and other like-minded community members, dedicated over a week to the search for Daisy Mae.

After days of relentless…