As the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, marks its golden anniversary, a celestial homage to the illustrious artist took flight last weekend. A fleet of 200 drones, choreographed by Studio DRIFT, lit up the Amsterdam night sky, creating a luminous tableau of Vincent van Gogh’s renowned works.

This aerial spectacle made possible by The Fly By Guys, bridging technology and art, underlines the museum’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding Van Gogh’s legacy.

Participants could witness iconic scenes from Van Gogh’s oeuvre crafted meticulously in lights against the backdrop of the starry sky, a striking echo of the artist’s fascination with the cosmos.

Besides Vince Irie, the drone pilot who artfully navigated the Drone Light Show to capture spectacular first-person view (FPV) shots, two DJI Inspire 3 drones flown by Aerials by AERO were also deployed for additional aerial footage.