The same drones that are used to drop grenades on Russian soldiers and vehicles are now delivering life-saving supplies to flood-ravaged Ukrainians, the country’s military has confirmed. Footage reveals drones dropping water to residents of Oleshky, cut off in their homes due to devastating floods.

Authorities report over 42,000 people bearing the brunt of these calamities, consequent to the Kakhovka dam’s destruction.

Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, articulated the grim reality, stating that thousands across the Kherson region have been deprived of potable water.

The cause of the dam’s collapse remains a contentious point. Ukraine is pointing fingers at Russia, alleging that they orchestrated the dam’s demolition. In contrast, Russia counters, blaming Ukrainian artillery fire for the dam’s ruin.

While the video doesn’t show the drone itself, based on the shadow of the unmanned aerial system and…