Phase 1 Technology drone camera SORA-CAMR4Phase 1 Technology New Drone Camera: SORA-CAMR4

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Advanced imaging solutions leader Phase 1 Technology Corp. has announced the launch of its SORA-CAMR4, an innovative camera designed specifically to meet the needs of the drone industry. The SORA-CAMR4 has the potential to transform major sectors including Mapping, Photogrammetry, and Infrastructure Inspection, with additional use cases within Construction, Civil Works, Power line, Gas line, and Cell Tower inspections.

The SORA-CAMR4 brings together crucial aspects necessary for an imaging payload, granting high-resolution 4K video and 61MP still images at an impressive 10fps frame rate. Its lightweight and compact 285g frame enables a longer flight time, resulting in an increase in efficiency. The model comes equipped with full autofocus capability and a powerful processor, allowing it to meet current high-resolution demands while remaining NDAA compliant.

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