Drone pilots operating in highly humid regions often encounter a well-known issue: condensation accumulating on the lens. Intriguingly, for DJI’s Mini 3 series, this lens fogging appears to transpire from within. Could the introduction of a heating element be the ingenious answer?

DJI user forums frequently reveal interesting challenges when pilots fly drones in different climates, exposing the machines to various stress conditions. Recently, a new issue seems to be clouding the lens of the DJI Mini 3 series, leading to blurry images reported by affected pilots.

Foggy Lens Problem with DJI Mini 3?

In the Chinese BBS Community Forum by DJI, a considerable number of users share a common issue: internal fogging of their Mini 3 drone lens. This isn’t an isolated case, as several pilots describe similar experiences, even after returning and receiving replacements of the drone.

It is still unclear how the condensation develops inside the camera, which settles on the…


Source: dronexl.co