May 24 marked a significant milestone in Dutch aviation history with the activation of the nation’s pioneering drone vertiport, “Galileo”. The grand unveiling, celebrated by several distinguished guests, occurred when a multirotor drone made its landing at the cutting-edge facility, situated at Rotterdam’s Future Mobility Park in Merwehaven.

A corresponding vertiport can be found across the Nieuwe Maas at the RDM shipyard, outlining a blueprint for a network of such facilities throughout the port area.

Anticipated drone usage within the Rotterdam port area spans a wide range of tasks, from inspections and surveillance to package delivery. In order to facilitate these operations, a strategic network of drone take-off and landing platforms – or vertiports – must be established.

Nevertheless, the path to such a reality entails some experimentation in the most realistic environment feasible, a need met by these two pilot vertiports.

Tsjerk Kooistra, the…