A recent video chronicles a clandestine Ukrainian drone mission aimed at decimating Russian military assets with the help of civilian DJI drones. This innovative drone warfare was captured on the Eastern Front in March 2023 and uploaded to Youtube.

The footage, recorded on a GoPro strapped to a Western volunteer drone operator, presents an unfiltered perspective of the skirmish. Using modified DJI Mavic 3 drones paired with RC-N1 remote controllers, the Ukrainian forces conduct their operations from a war-scarred apartment building.

Each drone, outfitted with various explosives, performs remarkably. Whether dropping a grenade suspended by a wire or explosives equipped with 3D printed fins, the mission unfolds with striking precision.

The release mechanism, triggered by the auxiliary light activation in theDJI Fly app, isn’t without flaws but serves its purpose effectively.

The video uploader, who wished to…


Source: dronexl.co