Iowa’s Department of Transportation (DOT) is partnering with Autobase to pilot a drone program in Iowa City. The program aims to enhance traffic monitoring and management, enabling swift response to accidents and traffic disruptions.

The drone initiative, springboarded by the Iowa DOT’s Traffic Operations Bureau Director, Andy Lewis, follows successful implementation of similar programs in other states. The trial began in early spring, building upon the “Highway Helpers” scheme, which provides on-site assistance to motorists.

Innovation Soars: Drones Boosting Highway Helper Program

Program Manager Ashley Hochberger explained that drones could reach locations where the DOT’s 500 stationary cameras can’t. Drones provide an aerial perspective, allowing more effective management of traffic during incidents or roadworks.

“Using the drone provides a whole new vantage point that we’ve not had before,” Hochberger said.

Drone Experiment

Additionally, drones can observe construction activities to ensure…