Battery or power source technology issues remain problematic for the drone industry.  Commonly used Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries limit flight endurance, can be expensive to purchase and maintain, and can be dangerous when handled incorrectly.  Additionally, LiPo batteries can be subject to supply chain disruptions and price variations.  In this DRONELIFE Exclusive Op-Ed, Bentzion Levinson of Heven Drones makes the argument for hydrogen: and discusses the obstacles and opportunities that hydrogen power presents.

The following is a guest post  by Bentzion Levinson, CEO and Founder of Heven Drones.  DRONELIFE neither accepts nor makes payments for guest posts.

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Why drones are the overlooked missing link to the clean hydrogen revolution

By Bentzion Levinson, Founder and CEO, Heven Drones

More than 30 regional proposed hydrogen energy projects around the United States are now competing for $7 billion in federal funding to…