Welcome to your weekly UAS News update. We have three stories for you this week.


The first story is that the FAA is seeking public comments on four BVLOS flights below 400 feet for the purpose of data collection. If granted, Phoenix Air Unmanned, uAvionix, Zipline, and UPS Flight Forward will be able to capture data for upcoming drone policies and rulemaking. The FAA is asking the public to review the key concepts and potential approaches that it is contemplating for future exemption. This is an important step, and public input opened on the 25th of May. More information about what the FAA is planning and how to leave your comments can be found via the link in the description.

DJI Air 3

The second story is a leaky one. Yes, we’re talking about the DJI Air 3 leaks. DealsDrone has leaked some images of what appears to be the new DJI product, more than likely the successor to the Air 2S. We’re going to…


Source: dronexl.co