Analysts revealed that Russia employs an unconventional tactic in its ongoing conflict with Ukraine by using wooden drones to confuse Ukrainian air defense systems.

The wooden drones, built by BLITZ Aircraft Unmanned, are constructed using a combination of wood, extruded polystyrene foam, and secured with masking tape. These decoy drones feature a mix of Chinese-manufactured engines and electronics, incorporating both low and high-tech components.

Impressively, these ‘low-tech’ wooden drones boast a payload capacity of up to 22 pounds and possess an extended range exceeding 600 miles.

Recent reports have shed light on Russia’s use of these affordable, disposable drones during attacks aimed at outsmarting Ukrainian air defenses.

By diverting attention away from cruise missiles and Iranian-made Shahed kamikaze drones, the wooden drones serve as effective distractions, enabling the aforementioned weapons to strike their intended targets with greater…