Check this out! An incredible mid-air showdown between two drones was caught on camera by Ukraine’s security service, the SBU. Usually, drones are busy buzzing around, focusing on ground targets. But this time, things were different.

What we saw was something pretty rare in the world of drone warfare — a head-to-head collision. A Ukrainian drone was seen plowing right into a drone the video claimed was Russian. This sort of aerial jousting isn’t what drones typically do; during this conflict we mostly see them dropping explosives of flying into military vehicles, troops, or supplies on the ground.

The video shared by the SBU shows us a rare case of drone-to-drone warfare. As it rolls, about 10 seconds in, you see the Ukrainian drone slam straight into the enemy’s.

The rest of the footage showed more ‘traditional’ suicide FPV drone ops, with the drones seeming to target Russian military supply trucks….