DJI has set a fairly blistering pace of new drone releases in 2023, but according to an online leaker racking up an increasing number of discoveries about developing products, the aerial parade isn’t over yet – with a new Air 3 craft said to be on the way soon.

This week the @Quadro_News Twitter feed made a quick switch from dishing details about the new Matrice 350 RTK that DJI released last week – though only after the leaker behind it, Igor Bogdanov, had previously published most of the salient information about the new flagship drone – with new indicators that a Mavic Air 3 is now in the works.

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The online sleuth – who earlier this year broke into the elite leaker club by sharing development information later confirmed by rollouts – initially alerted drone fans to a looming Air 3 release with what he noted were doubtless faked images of the craft….