drone surveillance caseWarrantless Drone Surveillance Case Will Be Heard at Michigan Supreme Court
It’s a case which has become textbook material for the drone industry (there’s a great article in JDSupra here discussing the potential impact on commercial drone operations.)  Can government or public safety agencies use a drone for surveillance over your property without a warrant – and then use that evidence in court?  Today, the Institute for Justice reports, the Michigan Supreme Court has agreed to take the case.

The Case

Todd and Heather Maxon own property in Long Lake Township, MI.  Town officials complain that the Maxons, who store multiple old cars and other items on their 5-acre rural property, are in violation of the zoning requirements.  To prove it,  zoning officials flew a drone over the Maxon’s property, taking photos and videos which they later used as part of a zoning violation case.

“The Maxons, represented by the Institute for Justice (IJ), are asking the…


Source: dronelife.com