Following last-minute leaks, DJI announced on Thursday the release of its latest flagship enterprise drone with upgrades across the board to make flying the Matrice 350 RTK better for any use case you have.

Matrice 350 brings the drone in line with smaller brother

Last year we saw the release of DJI’s M30 drone, a midpoint between the Mavic Enterprise series of drones and the full-scale M300. It offered some upgrades from its bigger brother, like an IP54 weather rating, the RC Plus standard, and an upgraded transmission system. Now, many of those systems will come with the M350 RTK drone.

DJI M350 RTK Biggest upgrades

  • IP55 weather rating
  • O3 enterprise transmission (1080p video at 20 km)
  • DJI RC Plus standard
  • Night vision FPV cameras

DJI has settled on the new DJI RC Plus as the new controller for all of its large enterprise and professional series drones. Last month, we saw DJI release the Inspire 3, the closest thing we’ll see…