You may never have heard the Pointivo name – but for a wide variety of industries, the product is mission critical.  Like the “Intel Inside” refrain of the 1990’s, Pointivo is the white-labeled software inside the platforms of oil and gas companies, the largest and most scaled TowerCo digital inspection project, and one of the biggest residential solar installers in the US.   Now, Pointivo is reaching out directly to customers to help solve their most pressing problems by providing visually understood, data-rich 3D models of physical structures.

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“We power an industry,” says Pointivo CTO Jacob Garland.  “We’re an AI-driven software platform that uses computer vision and machine learning to derive structural data.”

More than a Digital Model

Pointivo transforms imagery of physical structures into visually understood 3D digital models.  Not simply digital twins, Pointivo’s models are designed to deliver…