LIFT Aircraft’s HEXA Capable of Water Takeoff and Landing

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

LIFT Aircraft recently tested the floatation ability of its HEXA aircraft in preparation for its upcoming public launch and U.S. Tour. During the flight, the aircraft was able to successfully execute a takeoff and landing from the water.

The test involved the amphibious aircraft’s bottom floats, 6 of which are located on its legs and one in its center. These floats give the aircraft the ability to takeoff and land on the water. This floatation function is one of many granting the HEXA increased safety, a principal focus of the aircraft’s design.

In addition to serving as a safety feature, the HEXA’s amphibious design synthesizes with its compact size and eVTOL capability to enable a wide range of possible use cases.

HEXA is positioned to be ideally suited for public safety applications, including emergency response, search-and-rescue missions, emergency medical…