ANRA Estonia drone sandbox U-SpaceANRA Technologies Contracted for Development of U-space Sandbox in Estonia

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Leveraging funding from the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency, the Estonian Transport Administration has initiated a project to establish a drone sandbox to be built in Tartu. This sandbox would provide opportunities for the wide-scale development and deployment of unmanned aviation technologies, paving the way for innovative aviation concepts and safety standards, and enabling safe testing of automated aviation systems.

“It’s important for the Estonian Transport Administration to ensure that all interested parties have access to modern and versatile infrastructure for testing and validating any necessary solutions for the development of various innovative technologies,” said Üllar Salumäe, Director of Aviation at the Estonian Transport Administration.

ANRA to Provide U-Space, CIS Technology for Estonia’s Drone Sandbox

A contract for the…