Renowned photographer and drone light painter, Guilhem Nicolas, also known as Jadikan, has sparked intrigue with his latest series of images, featuring an enchanting ring of fire suspended in the night sky.

The series comprises of dazzling long exposure photographs, masterfully captured in the French Alps. Jadikan employed drones laden with combustible powder to orchestrate brilliant firework displays against the dark canvas of the sky. The series also presents a captivating dimension – the framing of stationary objects in nature within the fiery circles.

Using drones to paint the sky with light isn’t entirely new to the creative world. In the past we have seen Reuben Wu create fantastic art with drones in similar ways. And more recently we say Porsche use drones and light-painting in one of its campaigns.

However, Jadikan’s incorporation of explosive powder marks a first, adding a layer of complexity to the process with a very pleasing result.

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