PRISM Lite Watts InnovationWatts Innovations keeps something of a low profile – but industry insiders know that the Huntsville, MD-based company engineers and manufactures exceptionally high quality, heavy lift drones designed for both pilot and end user.

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Watts Innovations designed the platform used for Walmart’s retail drone delivery program, and their US-manufactured, NDAA-compliant PRISM Sky platform is in demand for customers in a wide variety of applications.

At the Xponential 2023 show in Denver this week, Watts Innovations launched the PRISM Lite: a more affordable option ready for system integrators, with the same quality and flexibility found in their flagship platform.

DRONELIFE had the opportunity to speak with Founder and CEO Bobby Watts and CCO Sauming Seto about the new product, and about the innovative and tightly knit team behind it.

“The PRISM Lite was rolled out with industrial use in mind,” says Watts Innovations CCO Sauming Seto….