Elegoo PLA filaments

I mostly printed drone parts in my last filament reviews, so I decided to try something else this time. Using Elegoo PLA filament, I printed a vertical modular hydroponic tower system for plants. My wife was happy to find out that she would always have fresh herbs at home.

Hydroponic tower gardens are becoming popular, especially among urban gardeners, due to the system’s efficiency and small gardening spaces. While a ready-to-use system costs 500-1,000 dollars, a DIY 3D-printed hydroponic system can be made for way less. Depending on how many plants you want to grow in one tower, the project requires 2-5kg of filament. One spool of ELEGOO PLA costs only $13.99 during the spring sale. Besides the 3D-printed parts, you will need a small DC water pump, a programmable timer, a 30-50L water reservoir, and a few other accessories that should not cost more than $150.

4-way plater modular sections

Thanks to their low weight and compact size, 3D-printed hydroponic towers are easy to move…


Source: www.firstquadcopter.com