Supported AVATAR HD Devices by the latest Walksnail 33.39.10 firmware

Caddx’s Walksnail Avatar HD system receives a new firmware upgrade that brings some cool new features, that includes sharing mode. The Walksnail 33.39.10 fw also fixes some existing issues, such as high bit rate distance measurement and incomplete hiding of the goggles icon.

Now CaddxFPV can finally support that the Walksnail Avatar HD Pro system will also enable pilots to ride in FPV races and contribute to fighting for the championship!

Most essential improvements of the new Walksnail Avatar HD firmware 33.39.10:

  • Support sharing mode
  • Fix the Pro camera white balance flicker and purple problem at night
  • Support high bit rate distance measurement mode
  • Fix the incomplete hiding of the goggles icon
  • Built-in latest iNav OSD

walksnail img firmware file avatarHD device association

The Walksnail file includes four image files: 

  • Avatar_Gnd_33.39.10.img – Avatar HD goggles
  • Avatar_Sky_33.39.10.img – Avatar HD VTX, Avatar HD Mini 1s (Lite) VTX, and Avatar HD V2…