ModalAI VOXL 2 MiniEven Smaller, Smarter and Safer

New ModalAI VOXL 2 Mini Autopilot Packs Supercomputing Power in Smallest Form Factor Yet

By: Dawn Zoldi

Until just a few days ago, ModalAI’s VOXL 2 was the world’s smallest flying supercomputer. The San Diego, California based company just outdid itself with its newest release, the VOXL 2 Mini. Here’s how this latest Blue UAS Framework-compatible assembled-in-the-USA autopilot stacks up and infuses an impressive amount of computing power in the industry’s smallest sized form factor to date.


ModalAI reduced the size of its already incredibly small VOXL 2 autopilot by 30 percent. The VOXL 2 occupies an already extraordinarily small amount of onboard space (70mm x 36mm dimensions) for makers of any small robot or drone. The VOXL 2 Mini packs the exact same power into a size-reduced 42mm x 42mm area. Overall, the entire computing stack is as small as an Oreo cookie.

And it weighs slightly less than an Oreo! A regular Oreo…