ELEGOO’s Mars series gets a new member, a DLP (Digital Light Processing) version that promises reach details, long lifespan, and low power usage —all you can wish from a budget desktop resin 3D printer.

DLP and LCD resin 3D printers operate similarly, creating objects using a light source to cure the liquid material. The light source projects onto the resin vat, solidifying the material layer by layer. The ELEGOO Mars 4’s DLP projector adopts the LG high-performance LED light source + 13-layer lens set design, with light intensity up to 4mw/cm2 and light uniformity up to 95%, coupled with 95% light transmittance tempered glass, which minimizes light scattering and light bleed. The result is greater print accuracy than LCD 3D printers with the same resolution. According to Elegoo, the new Mars 4 has a 2K DLP projector with 2K resolution (2560*1440 pixels).


The most significant advantage of DLP 3D printers over LCD…


Source: www.firstquadcopter.com