The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Drone Safety Day takes place on April 29th, 2023.

Drones are rapidly becoming a dominant force in the aviation industry across the United States. As of January, the FAA has registered over 871,000 drones, with more than 307,000 certified Remote Pilots at the helm. Experts anticipate these numbers to soar even higher, emphasizing the need for operators to enjoy their drones responsibly and safely.

To address this, Drone Safety Day (DSD) is held annually to educate drone enthusiasts about the significance of secure flying practices.

This year’s DSD, scheduled for April 29, 2023, aims to Spotlight the societal, economic, and safety advantages of responsible drone operations. A variety of in-person, virtual, and hybrid events will be hosted, focusing on key aspects such as Education, economics, equity, environment, and emergencies.

To learn more about participating in this year’s DSD, download the 2023 Drone Safety Day Playbook…