AUVSI recently hosted their annual Hill Day, an opportunity for drone industry stakeholders to gather and meet policy makers, face to face.  In this DRONELIFE Exclusive, one attendee’s summary and takeaways.

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The following is a guest post  by Matt Sloane, CEO and Founder of Skyfire Consulting and Atlanta Drone Group.  DRONELIFE neither accepts nor makes payments for guest posts.

Dispatches from Capitol Hill

As I walked down First Street in Washington, DC towards the marble US Capitol building, past the Supreme Court and blooming cherry blossom trees, it hit me.

So many of us think the work of building the drone industry occurs in dusty parking lots and smoky fire scenes; when in fact, the real work of building an industry takes place in these hallowed halls.

Our technology is pretty good; our will to do good is even greater, but without the support of regulators and lawmakers, it cannot live up to its full potential.

It is…