Leading developer of battery-powered air taxis, Joby, is finishing April with a pair of major business accords, including a deal worth $55 million to provide its electric vertical takeoff and landing planes (eVTOL) and flight training to the US Air Force.

Joby said its commitment to deliver and operate up to nine of its five-seat eVTOL air taxis to the US Air Force and other agencies was valued at $55 million. That extended the total amount of its provisional deals with the Air Force to as much as $131 million. 

On Thursday, meanwhile, Joby announced a separate agreement under which its longtime investor Toyota Motor Corporation Inc. will supply key powertrain and actuation components for the next- generation aircraft.

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Its accord with the US Air Force marks the first revenue generating activity in Joby’s eVTOL development efforts, yet promises to be even…


Source: dronedj.com