VIFLY Beacon and Finder V2

Vifly makes many useful FPV accessories, and self-powered buzzers are between ones you should keep permanently installed on your drone for safety. In this review, we will have a closer look at the ViFly wireless drone Beacon and ViFly FPV quadcopter Finder V2. Despite the fact that they look almost identical, they have different applications and functionalities.

Passive buzzers cost only a few cents, but they are connected directly to the flight controller, and if the drone’s battery is disconnected during the crash or has run out, they stop working. Instead, self-powered buzzers like the ViFly Finder V2 and ViFly Beacon can emit load sound for up to 30 hours, giving you time to find the crashed drone. They also have a bright LED onboard, making the search process easy after sunset.


When I perform range tests, I always have my heart in my mouth. Last time, when the Autel Lite+ was 7600 meters (4.72 miles) far from me, I suddenly lost the connection…