The Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (DOT&PF) says it is testing a drone-in-a-box system, DJI Dock, along with the DJI M30 drone, to reduce avalanche hazards to roadways.

It’s a significant development for tech giant DJI because this is the first time its docking station is being used for a fully autonomous drone mission in the US.

The DJI Dock is an IP55-rated robotic station that allows the M30 to automatically launch and land from a fixed location. It also provides the drone with the ability to recharge its batteries and swap payloads, making it an ideal solution for long-term and frequently reoccurring operations in remote and challenging environments of Alaska.

According to Alaska DOT&PF, the technology is being tested in Juneau in collaboration with DJI and Frontier Precision. Ryan Marlow, UAS coordinator for statewide aviation at Alaska DOT&PF, says:

This innovative new solution has the potential to…