It’s that day again, and you know what that means – the release of a new DJI drone and time to see what the company has given us today! DJI’s Mavic 3 Pro has been a long time coming, and so much has leaked over the past few weeks, but there are still some secrets to share! So let’s dive right into this Mavic 3 Pro unboxing.

Let’s get to the basics

What sort of bundles is DJI offering with the Mavic 3 Pro this time? Well, just like previous drone offerings, you have the standard and Fly More combos, but there is also a Cine version too. Here are DJI’s packages and prices.

  • Standard with RC – $2,199
  • Fly More with RC – $2,999
  • Fly More with RC Pro – $3,889
  • Cine Premium Bundle – $4,799

I would expect a drone-only version to come out later this year once the initial orders are fulfilled for those of us that don’t need another controller lying around.

Today we’re unboxing the Mavic 3 Pro Fly More bundle with the RC…