DroneUp and Elsight Halo, connectivity for drones Elsight's HaloUltra reliable connectivity between drone and pilot is critical for safe BVLOS operations.

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In a recent case study, connectivity solution providers Elsight outline their relationship with drone service providers DroneUp.  Download the full case study here.

DroneUp is the drone delivery service provider for Walmart.  With delivery hubs in six states, including: Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Utah and Virginia and Texas, DroneUp has made drone delivery available at 34 stores in 23 cities across the U.S.

For DroneUp, representing Walmart and getting to the required level of safety to scale BVLOS delivery means operating to a standard of “six nines” of availability: 99.9999% uptime.  While drone delivery can be entirely automated, the DroneUp platform is designed with a remote piloting capability to provide an extra level of safety and redundancy.  That means a reliable connectivity solution to maintain a rock-solid connection between drone…


Source: dronelife.com