The DroneDeploy Flight app for the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise has received a fresh update to enable autonomous RTK flights for DJI’s newest flagship enterprise drone.

Mavic 3E is a portable commercial drone, designed primarily for mapping and surveying functions. It comes with a high-resolution 20MP camera, support for network RTK, increased flight time, and a mechanical shutter.

Earlier this year, DroneDeploy released a new flight application for the Mavic 3E that could be downloaded directly to the RC Pro Enterprise remote controller from the Amazon Appstore.

This app has now been updated to empower users of the DroneDeploy flight automation platform to easily plan autonomous missions without GCPs or time-consuming manual methods, and create maps accurate to less than an inch.

RTK drone data is useful for a variety of applications, including high-accuracy mapping for site planning and reclamation, accurate pipeline mapping and right-of-way…