DJI Raises the Bar for Cinematic Aerial Systems with the DJI Inspire 3: The Ultimate 8K Full-Frame Cinema Drone for Aerial Filmmaking.

DJI, the global frontrunner in camera drones and innovative camera technology unveils the all-in-one DJI Inspire 3, a sleek, accurate, full-frame 8K cinema drone tailored for top-tier film productions.

Introducing Dji Inspire 3: The Ultimate Cinematic Drone Experience

This cutting-edge drone sets a new benchmark in cinematic aerial filming with its streamlined design, 161° ultra-wide field-of-view, night-vision FPV, and O3 Pro video transmission and control system, ensuring unparalleled flight performance.

Seamlessly integrating into major film sets, the Inspire 3 is DJI’s sole cinema-grade drone, boasting RTK-powered Waypoint Pro support and omnidirectional obstacle avoidance. These features enable safer, more precise flight missions than ever before.

“The Inspire 3 is the professional-level aerial platform all filmmakers have been waiting for,” said Ferdinand Wolf, Creative Director…