Sony SDK updates, drones with Sony cameras

Sony Electronics Launches New SDK Version, Taking Remote Shooting and Camera Integration to the Next Level: More Drones with Sony Cameras?

Sony is a world leader in cameras, and drones equipped with Sony cameras have advantages for engineering and industrial applications.  Sony’s own Airpeak hit the market last year.   Now, Sony’s latest SDK version further eases integration of drones with Sony products.

The company has been steadily improving integration capabilities for drones and other platforms: version 1.06 of the SDK added a drone GPS sync function, among other features.  The newly released version 1.08 “widens the range of potential applications with new features, as well as expanding the compatible models,” says the announcement.

“With each SDK release, we are integrating learnings from customers and expanding the functionality and magnitude of applications and capabilities,” says Yang Cheng, Vice President, Imaging Solutions, Sony Electronics…