Diageo, the producer of Don Julio and Casamigos tequilas, says it is using drones to upskill agave farmers for the future of the ever-growing tequila industry. Agave plants are the key ingredient in making tequila.

Following a successful pilot program in mid-2022, Diageo has now permanently introduced DJI drones on its agave farms in Jalisco, Mexico. This, the company says, is allowing it to achieve more efficient farming while driving environmental benefits.

More specifically, the alcoholic beverage company is using drones to identify which agave plants need the pesticide and fertilizer water mix and how much, thus ensuring precious water resources are used only where needed.

The drones work in pairs: One identifies the plants that need attention and collects data on the growth of the agave plants, while the other dispenses a unique water fertilizer and pesticide mix at night when the plants’ pores (stomata) are open.

Drone data has also helped…


Source: dronedj.com