Yesterday, I was contacted by FIMI regarding the possibility of reviewing their upcoming X8 MINI V2 sub-250g drone. They sent me a complete list of features and some product photos.  While in terms of design, there is not much change from the original X8 MINI under the shell, most of the hardware has been improved.

The FIMI X8 MINI V2 features a 3rd generation TDMA RokLink communication system that provides a range of up to 9KM. The promised flight time was also extended compared to its predecessor. Now, with the standard battery, it lasts 31 minutes, and with the Plus battery, it lasts 37 minutes. The better range and more flight time are nice upgrades, but to be honest, I would expect some more real upgrades, such as an obstacle avoidance system. 


Despite its small size, the drone is equipped with GPS technology and a number of intelligent flight modes, such as Follow me and Fail-safe RTH. The most significant advantage of 250g drones such as this…