A Ukrainian businessman has launched a competition to incentivize drone manufacturers to land an aircraft at Moscow’s annual May 9 Victory Day parade on Red Square. What’s hard to resist is the massive prize pool, which currently stands at $550,000 and is only getting bigger.

The contest was announced by Monobank cofounder Volodymyr Yatsenko during a live telethon last week. Yatsenko, whose fintech company serves over 5.5 million customers, later explained in a Facebook post the drone is expected to carry on its wings the battle cry of the Ukrainian military: “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!”

Here’s Yatsenko:

I am officially awarding a prize to a Ukrainian UAV manufacturer, whose aircraft, with the help of the military, of course, will fly and land on Red Square in Moscow on May 9.

Yatsenko has set aside $500,000 out of his pocket as the jackpot, while another $500,000 is expected to be raised through crowdsourcing. The businessman hopes…


Source: dronedj.com