Alright, so DJI just updated their Motion Controller with this: the DJI RC Motion Controller 2. It replaces the original Motion Controller that first shipped with the FPV drone. Gosh, it’s been like two years at this point, so we’ve had this controller around for a while. It was due for an update, and DJI delivered with something that gives us much better control.

DJI Motion Controller 2 video

Now, if you want to replace your original Motion Controller, you can pick up just the RC Motion Controller 2 for $240. It also now replaces the original Motion Controller in all of the DJI Avata combos.

So, you’ve got the Explorer Combo that comes with the RC Motion 2 as well as the new DJI Integra Goggles that I have on my head. But you can also go with the Pro View option that now comes with the Motion Controller 2 as well as those upgraded goggles that have some different upgrades.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit…