DJI’s social channels just teased a launch event for the long-awaited DJI Inspire 3 drone, seven years after the original launch of the Inspire 2 drone.

Other DJI leakers have been posting Inspire 3 related leaks for the last three weeks, so today’s Inspire 3 launch event announcement comes as no surprise.

The biggest change coming for the new Inspire 3 should be battery life and possible a new Zenmuse camera to refresh the current Zenmuse X7. Battery life on the existing Inspire 2, which tops out at 23 to 27 minutes has long been a pain point for cinematic aerial filmmakers as the longer flight time was only achievable with the older X4 camera.

With the release of the Inspire 3 just days ahead of NAB in Las Vegas we expect there will be more in-depth demo opportunities with the Inspire 3 in two weeks. It also means we should see a lot more leaks and specs in the lead-up to the April 13th launch event.

DJI Inspire 3

Overall the design of the new Inspire 3 is little…