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Leigh Miller from Toronto, Canada, CC BY-SA 2.0

Florida has now banned state and local government agencies from using drones from a “foreign country of concern,” which means that thousands of DJI drones being used by public safety departments cannot be used.

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 The ban took effect on Wednesday, April 5 2023.  The ban does not effect commercial and private drone use.

The Florida law is an unfunded mandate, which will force individual public agencies to come up with the money to replace their drone fleets and train staff on new technology.

While Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has repeatedly claimed that Chinese drone technology poses a security risk, a survey by DRONERESPONDERS indicates that more than 90% of Florida public safety agencies are currently using DJI drones, as is the case across the country.

The ban has met with significant negative response today, as users and stakeholders calculate the value of hardware which will now…


Source: dronelife.com