Ohio-based drone data-collection company Event 38 has successfully contributed to another of its aerial challenge projects, this time deploying its UAVs to complete full maps of two Turks and Caicos islands in just two days.

Specializing in fixed-wing drone design and production, Event 38 said it successfully deployed its E400 mapping UAV to collect aerial imagery for Turks and Caicos surveys. In just a couple of days the company’s craft had produced full orthomosaics of two of the archipelago’s islands, covering 238-square kilometers. 

The project was overseen by tech non-profit PLACE, which seeks to make important analytical and planning capabilities more accessible and affordable to less affluent communities and nations around the world. For its project in Turks and Caicos, PLACE relied on its partner Event 38’s fixed-wing E400 to provide detailed maps to update previous surveys of the islands that were at least a decade old.



Source: dronedj.com