Bluetti AC60

The Bluetti AC60 is an all-weather scalable solar generator, supplying 600W power from its 403Wh LFP battery, which can be expanded to 2,015Wh. It is a dust-proof and water-resistant (IP65 rating) power station intended for all kinds of outdoor activities, from beach parties to mountain camping. With super fast charging, and multiple charging options (12V/24V DC car socket, solar panel, and AC), you can stay powered for long periods in the wild.

Like the Bluetti EB3A, the new rugged AC60 also features “Power Lifting mode”, which doubles the output power, allowing the usage of high-power resistive equipment such as
electric grills and hair dryers. In nature, you can charge it from a 200W solar panel or a gas generator. Regarding charging from an AC wall socket, from zero to 80% takes just 45 minutes or fully charged in 90 minutes.


The Bluetti AC60 has a retro-radio-style design with all the control and sockets on the…