If you fly the DJI Mini 2 or the Mini 2 SE drone, a new firmware update is now available to download and install.

Tech giant DJI has released new software packages for most of its drones in the popular sub-250-gram category in the last few days. These upgrades are exciting because they aren’t basic optimizations or bug fixes, but pack in some useful new features as well.

The Mini 3 Pro, for instance, now offers additional gain and expo settings which users can play around with to get more smooth and cinematic footage from their drone. The $469 Mini 3 has gained a new 48MP photo mode to capture images with more pixels, which is great for taking photo prints as well as for having more flexibility while cropping an image.

In the meantime, fresh features that have arrived for the Mini 2 and Mini 2 SE drones are the options to reset all settings and clear all data from the aircraft.

Simply scroll down to the bottom of the “About” tab and tap “Reset…


Source: dronedj.com