Anarky Labs AIRHUD augmented reality From Amsterdam Drone Week, experiencing Anarky Labs’ AIRHUD augmented reality solution for drone pilots.

The concept of drone flight within visual line of sight or with visual observers points out a significant issue for drone pilots.  Pilots must maintain an understanding of the data on their controller while also being aware of where the drone is in real space.  The Anarky Labs’ AIRHUD augmented realityplatform offers an elegant solution: putting the airspace awareness data that pilots need into the sky with a “heads up” display.

DRONELIFE spoke with Hannu Lesonen, Founder and CEO of Anarky Labs, and expert drone pilot Stephen Sutton of FlyBy Guys.  We also had the opportunity to experience AIRHUD for ourselves on the floor of Amsterdam Drone Week.

The Heads Up Display: Visual Understanding of Airspace, Ground Context, and More

AIRHUD is a subscription software product installed on smart controller and glasses including MetaQuest Pro or Microsoft…