Wing drone delivery, Wing autoloader, Wing CEONews and Commentary.  Today, Wing CEO Adam Woodworth testified before Congress on the need for drone regulations that support commercial operations – and American leadership in the industry.

In his testimony, Woodworth laid out 9 points for Congress to consider in the FAA Reauthorization Bill, a vehicle that allows Congress to influence the activities and goals of the agency.

In an Op-Ed previewing his testimony, published in Aviation Week, Woodworth said that in order to maintain U.S. leadership in the drone industry, the FAA must develop a regulatory framework that is “predictable and pragmatic.”  From the Op-Ed:

Above all, we’d like to see Congress assist the FAA in adopting an approach to the safe integration of drones into our national airspace that is two things: predictable and pragmatic.

The FAA is the right regulator for uncrewed aircraft systems, but the agency currently regulates Wing’s 11 lb. foam drones using the same framework that was…