This summer a drone will deliver medical supplies in the City of Chandler, Arizona as part of a pilot program.

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) will take off from Omnicare and fly approximately 1.2 miles to the Sunrise of Chandler assisted living facility.

Ryan Kaup, Economic Development Project Manager for the City of Chandler, said that during the pilot program, the drone would make a trip to the assisted living facility in West Chandler carrying pills. This trip would take the drone five minutes.

“This is the first in the Valley to deliver medical supplies,” said Kaup.”It’s piloted, and there are cameras on the drone as well, but there is no video that’s recorded. There are a few benefits. One, it will take traffic off the roads, and there’s the sustainability aspect of it, so all of these drones will be electric.”

The Chandler City Council just recently gave their blessing to move forward with this pilot program, which includes entering into…