AeroDefense O.W.L.AeroDefense Integrates O.W.L.’s Radar for Layered Airspace Security System

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Today, drone detection solutions provider AeroDefense announced that its AirWarden™ system will be integrating Observation Without Limits (O.W.L.) radar ground and air detection capability. The integration will support the O.W.L. GroundAware® family of 2D and 3D digital beamforming radar systems employed by critical infrastructure and government sectors worldwide.

Certain critical infrastructure entities necessitate a multi-layer technology approach in order to protect against unauthorized drones. The integration O.W.L.’s radar technology with the AeroDefense AirWarden RF spectrum sensing system results in a solution capable of detecting both RF-based and radio-silent, small to large, low speed to high speed drones and their operators right as the drone is powered on.

In order to satisfy drone detection users’ requests for maximum data to help…