This week in drone News, we have four stories for you. The first one is a big one: Oregon has named a new Aviation Director, and he’s a good one. We’ll talk about Florida public safety pushing back against the country of origin ban, a new partnership for Pilot Institute, and, lastly, 200 weeks of news. So let’s get to it!

Drone News

Kenji Sugahara appointed as new Oregon Department of Aviation Director

For the first story, I’m excited to announce that our friend, Kenji Sugahara, was appointed as the new Oregon Department of Aviation Director. A huge congratulations to Kenji! He’s the President and CEO of the Drone Service Providers Alliance. You’ve seen him on the show quite a few times, along with Vic Moss.

He’s also the CEO of Air Sentinel and Acam Aerial, which is his company where he does a lot of aerial work using his drone. Additionally, he’s a principal at Area Sent. Kenji has been instrumental in…