Who Wants urban air mobility

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Urban air mobility is a hot topic in the drone industry.  We’ve seen the images, the test flights, the prototypes, and the plans for vertiports everywhere.

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As real implementation gets closer, however, a panel of experts from state and local departments of transportation, community engagement consultants, and air traffic control discussed the question their stakeholders want answered: Who wants urban air mobility?   From the floor of Amsterdam Drone Week, the California perspective on implementing urban air mobility.

Yolanka Wulff, J.D., is the co-founder and executive director of CAMI, the Community Air Mobility Initiative.  CAMI is a non-profit dedicated to engaging with communities and bridging the gap that can exist between new technology ideas like urban air mobility and the actual people expected to use them.

“Acceptance is not the same as engagement,” Wulff points out.  “We accept that we have to pay…


Source: dronelife.com