iFlight BLITZ E55 ESC

An ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) is an essential part of an FPV drone that controls the speed of the brushless motor. It is responsible for receiving signals from the drone flight controller and converting them into motor commands by adjusting the amount of power delivered to the motor’s coil. In this review, we will have a closer look at the iFlight BLITZ E55 4in1 ESC board.

FPV drones are commonly using single or 4-channel ESC boards – iFlight’s BLITZ 55A ESC is available in both versions. Four-in-one ESCs allow you to move ESCs from the arms of your drone into the center stack with your flight controller.


In a nutshell, an ESC is composed of several components, including a microcontroller, power MOSFETs, capacitors, and resistors. The 4in1 BLITZ E55’s 32-bit ARM Cortex G071 MCU runs on the IFLIGHT_BLITZ_G2 target and is the ESC’s brain responsible for interpreting the signals from the flight controller and providing motor commands. The…


Source: www.firstquadcopter.com